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What initially began as a hobby, Blom quickly turned into my passion and then a thriving business. 

Hi! My name's Bella and I'm the face behind Blom Store!

I began candle making after the birth of my son, James in August 2020. After much trial and error and so much wax, I finally began to find my own niche in this very saturated market. I've always loved being creative, so naturally, candle making and painting came hand in hand and that's when our hand painted candles were created. 

We are slow makers here. Each candle is individually hand poured in microbatches, then prepped, hand painted and finally glazed in our thick, glossy candle laquer. Which mean each and every candle truly is one of a kind and can take hours to complete. 

If you want to see more of our beautiful candles you can shop the entire range here.

Thank you so much for visiting Blom, I hope you enjoy our candles!

Bella x

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